Monday, April 12, 2010

random acts of kindness | Calgary photographer

I have heard of these things. Someone in the lineup at Timmy's pays for the next cars order..... that kind of thing.
Today I was completely caught off guard and totally the recipient of a very random act of kindness.

My sister and I met up at Starbucks today with the kids before our two oldest went to school. She had ordered and was waiting for her food, Ro and I were beside all the baking (waiting for Ro to decide). He finally made his decision, and this man that had come in and stood behind my sister asked if I was next in line.
I said oh no, go ahead we have a lot to order. He said thank you, proceeded to order and then told the girl plus whatever she is having.
Shocked I quickly said oh no, I have a lot to order I'm getting the kids some treats and drinks. To which he pulled out some more money and said that's ok.
Still in shock as he walked away I asked the girl if he was serious. She assured me he was.

REALLY???? When does that ever really happen? I ordered, then went over to thank him.
I believe I am still in shock.

Random acts of kindness really do happen. Sometimes life suprises you :)
And now I am going to finish enjoying this

and decide how to pay this karma forward.


  1. Awww, that's awesome! What a great guy! Pay it forward!

  2. great post! need to be reminded of wonderful people some days ;) enjoy!

  3. Thats totally awesome!!! Good Karma is a wonderful thing!!



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