Thursday, April 1, 2010

365 day 135 C has changed!! Calgary chikdren's photographer

Poor little Kade. This little girl gets THE most scrapes, bruises, bloody noses, and fat lips of any little girl I know.
Seriously.... she loves all things girly but is so rough and tumble it's crazy!!!!

Today started out like every other day... until Daddy brought home his new trailer for his new business. The kids were so excited we all ran out to see it. While he *parked* it in our driveway (it was a mission lol) Kade and I were watching from inside. I got up to get Ro lunch (it took that long lol. Poor D) and she came with me. Then she ran back to watched Daddy and wiped out.

At first I thought no big deal, this is Kade after all. But after she started screaming I ran to her and she had blood everywhere. She knocked her teeth so far into her lip skin was just hanging there. It was awful. So I got her a cloth and she held it there (is it sad she knows the drill at 2?), But man oh man she got a big ol fat lip. She couldn't even talk properly! Which made her L's sound even funnier.

Today for the first day she really started saying her L's. They still sound funny and lispish.... but with her fat lip it was really really funny. Poor girl.

ANYWAYS.... before this happened she ASKED me to take pics of her. And when this happens (basicallt never) it is fun and magic! I took these with my new 85.... and rocked out!! Also playing with some new actions that I heart. It's why they are not all edited the same.
AFTER...I took pics so she could see how she looked. And so I had pics ;) Poor little girl.

Why does this change C? Because all she wanted to make her poor WIP feel better was candy. And she got it ;) Going to go back and work on C tomorrow. Or Sat. I am expecting many children here tomorrow!!! 

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  1. Wow, she sure did a good number on herself! Such a tough girl! But you did get some awesome smiley pics of her!! Too cute!



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