Saturday, April 3, 2010

chaos hits the the blog!!!!

Just so you know..... I have been taking some time off sessions. This is because I have fallen behind in oh... the rest of my life :)
I have this checklist and well stuff kept getting added to the checklist, while nothing was getting checked off. OK some were getting half checks... but in this business and in real life half way doesn't actually mean you are further ahead sometimes!!!!

My own personal pics.... well they are a mess and I have nothing printed. As many of you notice when you come to my house! My kids and my man are needing me and so is my house!!!
I also am in the middle of setting up professional accounts at many printing places, ordering samples, updating the website, and FINALLY finishing the blog. Some of you have noticed some of my tabs take you nowhere.... I had a contest running that completely flopped and a winner has not yet been announced... the list of things to complete is HUGE!

Which is why my blog WILL be a mess the next few days. I have been trying to do the changes more silently... but there comes a time when I have to hit SAVE and just see how it looks. HTML is a beast to tackle and everything takes FOREVER. But I have to - so I know how to make it work and make it better. Right now - well this is NOT the end result. It's a blip! I will be tweaking and getting some stuff done in the next week. It is all very exciting and stressful... I have been working on the blog for a while.... but finally hit save on some things. And now will be changing some!!

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend... time for some family fun :)


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