Tuesday, April 20, 2010

365 day 147 reasons everyone needs a Kadence | Calgary children's photographer

Everyone needs a Kadence :) I know... you all want a sweet little girl who ALWAYS turns to look TO the camera and never runs away EVEN while holding a drink thinking you  MIGHT take a picture of her.

A child that would NEVER spill a slurpee (seriously how hard is it just to hold it upright????) trying to guzzle it down and not miss a drop!

A girl who likes to do things for herself. Like putting her shoes on. A girl who takes pride in the fact that she can do that. And she would never DREAM of putting them on the wrong feet! Or throw a tantrum if you try to correct her. She also takes pride in her clothes. She wouldn't dream of wearing tights with holes in them. Or put holes in more than one pair per day.

A true Kadence also takes great pride in her appearance. Her hair is never out of place, and she just would not stand for dirt on her clothes. She always looks like she just had a bath and put on clean clothes (no word of a lie - I bathed her this morning!) She also would never ever wriggle her one arm out of her shirt and insist on leaving it that way all day. Just to show off her owie she got that day.  Pure silliness I tell you!!!!

She also does not stand for mud. Kadence enjoys quiet, calm, 'girly' activities. Like oh... I don't know.... making mud soup in a big ol bucket in the backyard with a rake. Twigs and grass are her preferred seasonings. Oh yes... she is a domestic goddess! Her baking is TDF!!!

Still need more reasons? Not convinced YOU need a Kadence? Well... she can get her older brother to stop on a dime. He is constantly amazed at how CLEAN she stays all the time. Seriously it is impressive!
He even stops to see if anything is IN the bucket lol.

Which brings me to my main reason to believe EVERYONE needs a little Kadence in their lives.She may take FOREVER getting ready to leave the house... you know her hair has to be perfect, she has to dress herself and picking her shoes may take forever (never mind getting them on the right feet), she has to be perfectly clean and her clothes have to be just so. Even if she begs and I mean PLEADS to have her picture taken throughout the day driving me crazy. Don't even get me started on her fear of dirt......
Despite all her quirkiness, despite her aversion to all things dirt. She can melt your heart. ONE smile. ONE laugh. One weirdo saying that will have you in stitches. THIS is why everyone needs a Kadence :) I'm so glad I have one!


  1. Such a sweet little girl!! She makes me laugh!



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