Sunday, April 18, 2010

365 day 146 rollin with it..... | Calgary children's photographer

Today I had this awesome post all planned out.......... well I got half way through taking pics of it and ditched the idea. Why??? Because I am NOT Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart lol. I made this recipe from a website that I was STOKED over... took all these great pics as I went along.... let's just say they did NOT turn out as planned!!! While they do taste good... they just didn't rise! So if anyone knows what I did to a scone recipe for them to turn out flat please FILL ME IN!!!
I knew that it had to be a crumbly mix and not to work it too much... but they came out almost as flat as they went in hahahaha. EPIC failure. Which of course means I will be making said recipe until I can get it right.

SCONE TIPS.... enter here please ;)

So I didn't take pics the whole way through. After I knew my battle was lost I switched and took some pics of the cuties running around outside with the hose. Another gorgeous day. I could SERIOUSLY get used to this,

Although the reminder that I still have an absolute fear of putting shorts on kind of makes me want summer to wait until I really get going on my weight loss plan! HELLO kick in the pants!!!

I'm on a black and white kick... trying some new different approaches. I love love black and white. Especially film black and white. But this will have to do!

Started out so good...... to end up totally disappointing :(


  1. Awwww, I like you have that same fear about summer and shorts but can't wait to have such a fun summer!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with R and the sprinkler up in the air - the spray is fantastic!!!

  3. Awe! Well..I am a little pleased that your scones didn't work out....but only because I love the water play pics of your kids! They are soo fun! You are brave to have your camera that close to all that water!



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