Monday, April 26, 2010

365 day 153 the perfect morning | Calgary photographer

Finally some water droplet action!! OK all some of them are still half frozen and there was a slight bit of frost.... but this morning colors were gorgeous and I had some fun outside! I started out with my 28-75 as is is a macro, but throught I'd try my poor man's with my 50 and quickly ditched all the shots I had taken before. STILL DROOLING over macro lenses over here!!!!!!!!!!!

But everything was just perfect out this morning so I needed to share :)

a lil frost on my lilac bush!!!! Those are lilacs in the wahoooo!

And here is what happens when you send your daughter who has been tired and grouchy all day to time out in her room for dumping out half of the new bath soap. Seriously... the crying stopped after a few minutes, I finished putting Ro's laundry away and went to her room to put hers away and found......

OUT cold! Too bad it was almost supper time and I had to wake her up... only to listen to more crying because she just woke up!!!!!


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