Friday, April 2, 2010

365 day 136 crazy kid day! | Calgary children's photographer

Phew..... what a day!!!
My friend T came over for a wicked good visit with her 3, it was my day for my 2 nephews, combined with my 2 kids and 2 dogs made for a loud and crazy fun day!!!! I planned a craft day and almost all the kids got into it.... AWESOME!!! I love letting my kids get creative and messy. I think it is important to just let your kids be.... and give them stuff to really get their imaginations working. And they did!
Little Miss T made an awesome face complete with yarn for hair. I loved it. Yes it is messy. But I plan for it. So it's ok. And I love watching the kids get artsy, and so proud of themselves!!! Don't get me wrong... there was pandemonium and craziness.... squabbling and chaos, laughs and tears..... but I love it all!!!
After my friend and crew left we headed outside. I took out some bubbles and watched 4 crazy kids chase them all over the yard. They played themselves out for a few hours. By the time I rounded them up inside and cleaned them up my sister was here!!
Not a TV was on in our house for almost the whole entire day!! It was fantastic. Really... can't wait for summer because these are things that TRULY make me happy. Seeing the kids playing and happy, energetic, creative.... THIS is what makes me happy :) plus I love keeping the messes contained where I want them. Kitchen table and outside. Kind of rocks IMO.

The mess!!!!! I mean art ;)

Just another day in the life of Kadence. Another day another owie. Her lip is healing nicely. It is just slightly swollen and red on the outside now. The inside is still pretty banged up. Today though..... she womped her nose on our dining room table. the editing of these pics kind of prettified it (not on purpose... just lost the detail on her nose) but she has quite the bump and red mark straight across. Seriously... that bonk did something to her, she was falling all day long after it. I have not seen someone fall that many times in one day before. Even Ro with an ear infection lol. She fell off our deck 2X INN A ROW!! Can you tell how excited she was to have her pic taken???

Oh yes.... THAT excited. Tears of joy I tell ya!

Apparently I give this look to Dion all the time. He recognised it right away!!

But then I got this pic. SWOON. Seriously... my house has killer light for pics. Glad I am finally starting to figure out how to use it!

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