Monday, April 26, 2010

365 day 152 focus and determination will get you everywhere | Calgary children's photographer

She is becoming so much like her brother. Dion today was like wow... she is becoming quite the perfectionist.
The focus and determination in this kid is unbelievable. So now we have to kids on the path to becoming annoyingly perfect lol. (and I do NOT mean their attitudes hahahaha)
Of course... the apple doesn't fall far. Dion has been working like crazy on a new business. To match the perfect colors. He has to be as perfect as possible in everything he does... and to not be perfect in it... well you better not bother! I am also partly to blame. Once I start something I will work and work getting it to *my* perfect.
So I guess they do come by it honestly. Doesn't make it any less annoying though!!!

And she is totally comical just like her brother. Will do anything to get a laugh! (trying out some more vintagy looks... wonder if I am going to figure out my style any time soon. I love to play around in PS)

Funny story of the day:
Kadence had a rough night last night. she got up around 10:30 and was up FOR HOURS. I brought her to bed with me and was in and out of sleep - but every time I checked she was awake. She did finally fall asleep but I am sure it must have been around 1am. I have no clue what was wrong, but she did sleep in until 8:30 today so it was serious! So today was definitely an off day. She was whiny and crabby, and seriously bugging her brother. We finally attempted taking them out in the pm, which was a disaster. On the way I had told Kadence... I am going to drop you off at the funny farm!
On the way home she was throwing a tantrum... didn't want daddy putting her in her seat... then when I went she didn't want me. Of course I forced her.... which started her screaming and crying "I don't want to go home!!!!" We had to get gas and pick up a movie I had preordered (AVATAR-yes we are addicts) so we went to do these 2 things with Kadence screaming. The entire time. Finally she blurted out " take me to the farm! I don't want to go home!" We laughed so hard when we finally figued out what she was saying. I mean I don't think she even knows what a farm is.... never mind remembering I had told her I would drop her off at the funny farm! If she only knew............


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