Wednesday, April 21, 2010

365 day 148 the time has come | Calgary photographer

Well now.... I feel like a copycat hahaha. My cousin and I must share brains sometimes.
We have been discussing the weight issue recently. Well I discuss it with anyone that will listen lol.
And she started blogging about hers yesterday. I figured.... well may as well throw mine in too ;)

You know what the problem is when it comes to losing weight? The fact that you HAVE to stop eating junk. It just doesn't work any other way. This NEVER was really a problem with me before I had kids. Seeing me now it is hard to believe 10 years ago I was a total gym-a-holic. I was there every day for 2 hrs or sometimes more. I would KILL to have that body back!!

So..... for a while I would make a half hearted attempt... but then I had Rohan. I gained a TON with him. I thank Rohan for my addiction to chocolate. Never had one before him!  I lost about half the weight and BAM was pregnant again with Kadence. I have Kadence to thank for my addiction to pepsi. I never drank pop before really. Unless it was 7-up with some vodka! I lost the weight from Kade super quick... but still had the extra from Ro left! And now... there has been some added. Booooo to me!

My problem is... my addictions and my chosen business! I spend a good chunk of time working on my computer. I am constantly learning about photography, starting a small business, SEO, spending time in forums... editing, updating, my own personal stuff. It all adds up to a lot of time on my butt! This plus my eating habits... plus having kids and not making working out time has ummmm changed my look.

Every once in a while you hit a point in your life when you make a decision. One you are going to to stick with. Usually you need to make a few of these every once in a while. It warmed up here. Summer weather. See where I'm going with this? Shorts. t-shirts. no hoodie covering up the mid sections. no pant covering up the legs.... seriously. Realizing that scared the heck out of me!!

Here's mine. 20lbs. 6 weeks. with a pic of me to prove it!
I will post updates here and there. Just so ya'll know I'm stickin to it.

So today I enjoyed some things I will not be seeing again for at least 6 weeks. Some hopefully never again. Because once I get into this... I'm hoping I'll revert back to the *old* me..... eating and habit wise I mean!

French Vanilla = very bad ****** Boston Cream = even worse. Oh Timmy's I will miss you. I will NOT be giving up coffee though.... just it will be my home brewed Timmys!!!

Seriously... a reason to do your weight loss plan in the winter. These are just sooo good in the summer!

How I will miss you!!!!!!

Apparently runners don't run unless you put your feet in them. Too bad,

What's this? Oh my Wii fit. Dion bought it for me months ago. The kids put their toys on it and it sits in the corner.
Apparently having your treadmill folded up really does nothing for you ;)


  1. Copycat! LOL! Maybe we can actually encourage eachother and help each other! That is a very ambitious goal! Can't wait to follow along and see the results. Good luck! mmmmmmm slurpee!

  2. Did you know a boston cream is less evil than a cruller? lol I checked it out on the Timmy's website. I was completely shocked.
    Good Luck over the next six weeks. I know you are a strong woman and can do it - you just need to want to do it. Can't wait to see your progress, maybe it will be enough to encourage me to do the same :)



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