Wednesday, April 28, 2010

365 day 155 what DID the school send home? | Calgary photographer

So the other day Rohan came home with a cup, some dirt, and he told me 3 seeds of some sort.
OK - let's see what happens. Well it has only been a few days... and now I pose the question... really what kind of seeds are in here?

I told Ro to ask his teacher today and he said she told him she didn't know lol.

So I guess we'll keep watering and putting it in the sun. Maybe Ro had told them how he had dug up a hole in the backyard and we needed new GRASS hahahaha.

I would show you the hole where we could plant this new grass..... but oh wait it's covered in.....

Yep... another blizzard like day here. So wet out my feet were soaked in seconds... the snow was so wet and heavy the car would be covered in slush in seconds. Crazy out there.... let's hope it helps out our water issues here!!!

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  1. hehe! That's funny about the seeds! Nice photos! I always enjoy your stories and I'm still amazed that you have not wavered in your project! Woot!



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