Sunday, April 11, 2010

365 day 143 ummmm who ruined my fish creek park? | Calgary children's photographer

Ok it may not be just MY park. I may or may not share it with a million people in this city. However.... it really sucks to go to the park that you have gone to for almost 9 years and find it COVERED in graffiti. And not even what I would consider nice graffiti. I mean, I do love a good graffiti wall to take pics with, and I can appreciate art on a wall for sure. But this? Just garbage. And the city has painted over it and people still come back.
It made me very very sad to walk my kids through the park and have them see that junk. Totally ruined the beauty for me.
Seriously... if you must graffiti... make art people. Not nastiness. Not garbage. It ruins beauty. It ruins the park. And it makes me sad.

Ok rant over. The kids had an awesome time today. It was cold. The kids, gram and I went to the park. We brought the kids bikes. Of course Kade, being a princess, she sits on the bike with her feet on the stationary bar and waits for someone to push her!!! I laughed so hard at her..... silly girl. I think she pedalled all of 2 min lol.
We played by the river, where Rohan really learned how to throw some big rocks into the water. Also discovered that Kade has a natural wicked pitching stance and a great arm! She got filthy and tired.... so unlike her ;) She started crying about 10 min BEFORE we hit the car and didn't stop until we got there. A good outing never ends without some tears!!!!

any wonder she was so dirty? She was throwing everything. Rocks, dirt, whatever :)

Look at her stance!

Getting ready.... I love this pic!!

and off it goes!!!!

Cool grandma. Rohan really got his rock throwing game on today!

He wasn't actually too impressed I was riding his bike lol.

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  1. I can't even read what any of that Graffiti says........I love the last pic!! ;)



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