Friday, April 16, 2010

365 day 144 whipped cream... yes please!! | Calgary children's photographer

I have never used whipping cream. The kind you buy in the milk section in a box. I have always bought cool whip. BUT I am attempting a new recipe that called for it. Not knowing how much I needed when I was at the store I bought the bigger box.

With all the kids here today and a little tired from their prechool concert I wanted to give them a special little treat. So I turned to baking. Which.... FYI keep butter in your fridge. Everything I went to make called for more butter than I had - I had used mine all up at Easter and forgot to restock. I love butter. Seriously it is a crime to bake without it. OK maybe not... but it should be!

So I thought... there will be no better time to try out this whipping cream! I had tons of grapes, strawberries, and raspberries. That with whipping cream plus the absolutely gorgeous day outside was the perfect solution!!!

So I whipped up the stuff.. and it was really good! I was suprised. Now I need to know... what IS the difference? I mean it is 33% cream so I am assuming it's ummmmm rich lol. But really I like it better than cool whip. I don't buy it often, but I will definately keep on with the cream - until someone tells me it will clog my arteries in seconds or something ;)

So go ahead. Try it. Dare you.
The kids will hate it....

Seriously... they won't enjoy ONE second if it.

They definitely won't make a mess of their clothes with those berries either ;)

He really is loving it. REALLY. He told me he HAS to tell his mom how to make this. He wanted me to take a pic of his chin so he could see the mess he made!

mmmmmmmm perfect summer*ish* treat!!!

Off topic.... speaking of grocery stores... anyone else completely happy that the walmart supercenter is open in Shawnessy??? Not that it will make my Walmart experiences any better... but Safeway is WAY cheaper now!!! Now that is good news!!!!


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