Saturday, April 10, 2010

365 day 142 what happens when teenagers cook.... | Calgary children's photographer

So the other day a storm was rolling in. It was already late in the day and I knew I had to clean up the yard in preparation for some very strong winds and snow.
So I asked Tay and her friend to get the chicken wings and drumsticks ready for the oven. In MY mind I thought this would be faster than me cleaning up the yard, then prepping, then baking.

Now... those of you with teems probably already know what happened. Those of you who don't DO NOT want to know ;)

I bought 3 different BBQ sauce flavors. All that needed to be done was take the chicken out of the wrapping and cover them with sauce then drop on to my *AMEN* pampered chef pans.

Well it was pretty funny to watch. It started out with Taylor being completely grossed out to her talking to a chicken covered in sauce.

The beginning of the storm. The wind was intense and the flakes were just starting. This is when I realized... hey better clean up the yard. And got the teenagers involved in supper. Which they were ALL over (no not really) and were super speedy (as if).

Rohan found it HILARIOUS to watch them. As did I.

hard to believe at the beginning of this she was too grossed out to even open the package. Look at her now :)

Seriously... this much snow had fallen by the time they were done. I kept telling them we would like to eat before Christmas. Which quickly changed to we need to get them in the oven and cooked BEFORE the power goes out. Our light had started flickering pretty badly, and the fridge was making awful noises. I was really worried the power would go off BEFORE supper was cooked. I mean we had already waited FOREVER!!!

But they did it!!! Finished all of them!
And neither of them were harmed in the process. My oven mitt however caught on fire while I was wearing it putting the chicken IN the stove!!!
note - terry cloth oven mitts from Canadian Tire... NOT a good idea in my books!!!


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