Monday, April 5, 2010

365 day 138 | Calgary photographer

Here they are!!!!! The cool desserts!!
They are cake pops!!!!!!!!!

Before anyone goes thinking oh wow - those are soooo original.... I got the idea and recipe from this site.
I did change a few things. I hate the crunchy decorations... so I made marshmallow fondant that I really like, colored it all different colors, and cut and made shapes out of it. Not the best - but taste so much better and do not go crunch in your teeth. I used corn syrup to attach everything. I also went to Michaels to buy edible markers.... but I was not down with the 23 bucks or whatever they wanted for them so I got black sparkle gel. Which really..... they look ok and kids don't notice. But I sure couldn't get it perfect!!!!

Now... she makes this look super easy on her site. Which - I think it might take some practice. I made my own cakes (chocolate was my reg homemade and lemon was a box) and my own icing. I did everything else sort of as put down by her BUT..... we couldn't quite get the size of the balls right. When we went to dip them in the melted chocolate some of the would fall off. Then I could turn them enough to get all the chocolate extras to drip off before setting them in the styrofoam... so it was a little messy.

There were a few casualties... but most of them made it.
It was soooooo time consuming though. I had no idea. But they turned out ok for a first time... see for yourself!

Oh yes... and the Easter grass was for decoration. Which I never got to! The kids just wanted to eat them so badly!!!

I also did not put them in the freezer. I left them upside down to harden thinking they wouldn't slip off like they would if I turned them over while the chocolate was still a liquid.

End result (and all that matters) the kids LOVED them and couldn't wait to get their hands on them!


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