Saturday, April 24, 2010

365 day 151 seriously WHY | Calgary photographer

You know what makes me mad? Little things. Like going to a restaraunt and being told pop is free with a kids meal but apple juice costs XXXX (which FYI one glass was MORE than a litre at Walmart. sad but I do know the price. It was 1.27 at the Walmart in Okotoks last week.)

What else? Kids toys at fast food places. My kids are not really into junk food. They are pretty healthy eaters, and really love their veggies and fruits. I only know of a few they won't eat.  But... like everyone on the planet we are really busy and occasionally stop for Mcdonalds or something of the like.

Now we do have some kids that are not the norm. They do not get excited over it, do not ask for it on their own and always order the same thing. A grilled cheese kids meal. WHY? Because they actually do like the grilled cheese. Why the meal? It's definitely not for the fries - they barely touch them. Really they want the toys. It is the ONLY reason when we are out and ask what they want that they will get anything. They want those craptastic toys that should NEVER even be made.
Seriously. They are garbage. These cheapie toys that go in the garbage and of course take a bazillion years to break down. Why? What is the point? To bring in more kids? To make me have to order the meal knowing my kids will not eat the fries? And to make me have to order two - as each kid needs a toy? No fair.

NOT A FAN. Please stop giving toys with your meals. My kids would never even dream of wanting to go there at all, and how much garbage would be cut down on without them?


FYI... yes we went to McD's today. I had a few fries. Dion was NOT happy to share them. Even though it was only 3 or 4 LOL. I bought a weight watchers frozen meal and loaf of weight watchers bread for myself to eat at home. The meal wasn't bad. The bread tasted like cardboard.  If I am going to cheat on this semi-diet it will NOT be for McDonalds lol.

The Offenders

Seriously... these are hair clips! Broke two nails trying to open them. AS IF!

Rant over. I think this snow has done something to my happy!


  1. Ugh, weight watchers meal? Gross. Eat some real food girl!

  2. It actually was ok.... def better than the mcdonalds I saw LOL.

  3. WW meals are awesome. I have yet to find one I don't like.



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