Sunday, April 4, 2010

365 day 137 almost Easter | Calgary photographer

Tomorrow is Easter. I'm doing something really fun.
I am NOT into buying presents at Easter... in fact it really irritates me that every holiday gets tied into 'things' more every year. Soon we are going to be celebrating the 3 Friday of the second month and buying things......
Anyways... that is a rant for another day!!!
The way I like to celebrate???? Family and food. Good times. My kids are soooo incredibly excited to have the fam over for supper and doubly excited as their big sister is out. Ro could barely contain himself when he saw her!!!!! And yes... the easter bunny does visit.... just in our simple way :) Why do I like it this way?? I want my kids to remember baking in the kitchen dancing to music with me.... hunting for stuff all over the house with us, family coming over. Not the stuff. Too much gets lost when there is too much stuff :) And my kids are happy with that!
So we are making a very fun dessert. hope it turns out!!!!!

Interested???? Check back tomorrow!!!



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