Wednesday, April 14, 2010

finally.... some of our family Christmas pics

Seriously... how sad is this???
we had such a great Christmas this year..... with the grandmas coming in and all!!! How lucky are my kids? I think they have prob the most grandmas ever! And they just love em all.

My Mom and Barb wanted a session with everyone. So on Christmas Day I set up the lights and we all got our pics done before Christmas dinner. Don't mind some of the squished comps.... our Christmas tree was up and we were totally limited on space!! The lighting was also not ideal... but my sister has one up on her wall and it looks great :)

And now I am done.... just finishing up some randoms and they will be in the mail!

oh ya..... my family really gets into getting pictures taken lol.

Seriously..... a zillion snaps and NOT one of everyone looking nicely one way. *SIGH*

Luckily it is not only my family :P


  1. Great pictures!!!! I love them all, I love the candidness of them.

  2. Those are great pictures! You did a fabulous job.....and your kids are still hilarious!



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