Friday, April 30, 2010

365 day 156 holy WIND batman | Calgary photographer

I wanted so badly to get out and take pics SHOWING how bad the wind was. Once I finally had the courage to frag my kids outside though... I quickly realized that I had the wrong lens on. I just had no way to get the shutter speed slow enough as the highest app is 16. So then I tried to catch when the trees were all bending over from the wind... but once the wind got that strong I could barely stand still!!! My  hood was being whipped in my face and the camera strap would be all over the place... it was a sad attempt.
The wind was SO STRONG... it was hard to believe. I actually grabbed Kade at one point when I honestly thought she was going to be blown over.

Cars were left abandoned.....slides were blown over.....

Shopping carts were tossed around like toys..... strollers sat empty.

Our poor tree.... it looks Charlie Brownish enough (it does seem to be making a comeback this year - we totally thought it was a goner), but with the wind I thought the top was going to snap off!

WOW - after posting this pic I noticed some of our shingles are MISSING!!!!! EEEEEEEK!!! So I came back and added the zoom in. OH D will NOT be happy.

Seriously... how do the crows fly around and manage to sat on the branches? They sure were making a racket out there though.
After a day of snow, and a day of insane winds it was sure nice to see a beautiful sunrise today!!!

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  1. Your place looks like ours right now! I'm soooo sick of snow! By the time spring arrives it will be Winter again! pooo! Great images Kathy!



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