Thursday, April 8, 2010

a boy and his toys

THIS is the reason we will never get old. Because apparently you are never too old for toys!!!!
Dion has many remote control airplanes that he flies out at the fly field. BUT - it seems too windy most of the days that are warm enough and the fields haven't dried out enough from winter.

So what's a guy to do? Listen to his neighbour (his fly buddy) and get a helicopter that can be flown indoors. (I'll thank you later neighbour!!!!!!grrrrrr)

So he's walking around the house 8min at a time (cause that is how long the battery lasts lol) 'Hey hon... look at this' thinking I will be impressed over his mad helicopter flying skills....... lol :)
Then he recharges the batteries... waits... and starts all over.

Apparently even flying a teeny tiny helicopter around the house is SERIOUS business! The remote is bigger than the helicopter!!!!!! But man... that guy is HAWT ;)

He had to duck out of the way here lol!!!


  1. Hahaha! He is seriously crazy! That would drive me nuts!

  2. Holy moley! Those mid-flight pictures are PERFECT! I love his intense look too, that's what I look like when I fly ours! haha!

  3. Thats awesome - he has SERIOUS concentration on his face in the first one....! SWEET.

    The helicopter pictures are absolutely fantastic!



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