Saturday, April 17, 2010

365 day 145 SPRING it's SPRING Gorgeous day in K-country | Calgary children's photographer

Warning. Picture heavy. Colors are gorgeous. Kids are having fun. It is heaven.
Reminds me everything I love about Alberta :)

What a gorgeous day it was today!!!! Funny how all one needs to get motivated is a little sun and warm weather!!!! Today I took the kids and met up with my sister and BIL and their two and headed to K country. It was the perfect day and we all enjoyed ourselves :)

Now driving with Rohan is quite unique. You never know if he is going to enjoy it, play his video games, watch a movie, tell stories, or complain. Lately the trend has been to tell me the speed limit. EVERY.SINGLE.SIGN.
Don't get me wrong I love that he is learning his numbers.... but wow. It can drive you bonkers!

We just spent our time walking around, throwing rocks in the river, taking pictures and enjoying the sunshine.

We also hit up Bragg Creek for some ice cream.... really when you are out having fun for the day and are passing Bragg Creek... does anyone NOT stop for ice cream?? It is soooooo good!!!!

So Ro totally noticed all the bikes while we were stopped there. On the way to the car he this was our convo:
Ro - Mom can I please have a bike when I am 8?
Me - No. Not until you are 16.
Ro - Awwww mom WHY NOT?
Me - Because that is the law.
Ro - OK when I am 16 can I?
Me - Well you'll have to pay for it. You should start saving now. They are expensive.
Ro - Wooohooooo when I am 16 I am getting a BIKE!!!!!!! I'm going to ride super FAST!!!!

I heard nothing more about said bike until we were about half way home. Then this is our convo:
Ro - So mom I just thought of something!!!
Me - What?
Ro - When I am 16 I can go wherever I want!!!!
Me - Oh really? Why?
Ro - Because if I have a bike I can just go out and do whatever I want.

At this point I stifled a cry lol. Why do they have to grow up so fast!!! He is FOUR...... SHEESH!!!!!!!!!

These shots are pretty amazing. They are NOT cropped.... I can crop them it tight and the detail is amazing. I love love spring!!!

Gorgeous colors!!

Still a little snow left... not for long!

The kids walked on the snow and this is what happened. Like crystals. Pretty cool.

He was soooo into the water and throwing rocks. Pretty neat - the water still had some pretty thick ice on it. The kids were trying to throw the rocks far enough to hit the ice and break it.

This kid melts my heart. He stopped, asked for his camera and took a picture.

The gang :)

While evereyone was throwing rocks he was inventing something. I believe we know it to be a dam lol. Of course he doesn't know that :) He was stacking rocks to make the water flow in the directions he wanted it too. (that is how he described it)

my fav pic. you can't see how dirty she is or the holes she put in her tights lol.


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