Monday, March 29, 2010

365 day 132 C is for........ | Calgary photographer

Canadian Geese......... :)

We had a very busy day and I didn't have time to really focus on my C day today. I am trying to finish up the twins newborn session for their mom.... It's almost done!!!!
So.... I thought I would include some of the geese just because it was part of our awesome day!

We braved the wind and went to Fish Creek and spent a few hours there with friends. It was soooo great and we all had fun! Apparently ducks do not just sit and splash each other for fun as I had assumed when I told the kids that was what they were doing. Spring is in the air I have been told...... hahahahaha!!! The dogs were sleeping on the stairs before I had even brought all the stuff in from the car! The kids also sat and watched a movie and relaxed for a bit. WHICH meant I didn't get to the grocery store right away for the ingredients for the REAL C - the day was slipping away. As you can see we got a bit of the C pics...... but will complete tomorrow ;) Can you believe he can crack eggs?? He has been doing that for a long time - he is a great BAKER!!!!


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