Tuesday, March 23, 2010

365 day 125 I totally ditched the project for THIS!!!! | Calgary children's photographer

So I was going to start my project today.... however this was just too good to pass up!!!!
Today was an epic day... I had my friend K over with her two kids and really had a great time! We have desperately wanted pics of little miss S actually looking at the camera and being still since she was oh about 1 lol. I have tried taking her pics so many times... and it just never worked out. Today it was just a offhanded random hey S can you sit here for me? I'll give you a jelly bean. AND SHE DID IT!!! She may not have HUGE smiles (although there are a few with them) but she was still and looking and HAPPY!! Beyond thrilled :)

I wanted to take pics of her sister L. One of my friends whom I have taken many pics of her son since he was born had to go elsewhere to get some wing pictures. Sooooo I went and found me the BEST wings ever just so I would have them here. They are gorgeous. I of course needed a model... so miss L was happy to sit for me!
Her pics will be up soon... for now I am showing off one of her in a gorgeous dress with a lot of meaning packed into it for this family. She is beautiful!

After this amazing photo op we went to the mall. The kids got some cool shades, and Ro a hat. BTW Southcenter does NOT have enough bathrooms. You have to walk way too far to get to one when you have a group of 4 kids lol. And please. Make room in the elevator for people with kids. Seriously the dirty looks from people sans kids just riding the elevator for fun...... make the rest of the world angry! Just sayin ;)
Anyways...... we came home and the kids were having a ton of fun showing off their stuff.

I wanted the one of Ro to be more grunge/babd boy feel and Kade I wanted a vintage look. I LOVE these!!! Hello personalities!!!!!!

And if you've read this far.... good on you! I can ramble on and on and on and on........ but I'll stop now! Project starts tomorrow!!!!


  1. So cute! I love the new flooring, it looks great.
    I still can't believe that you got a picture of S actually looking at the camera!
    L looks beyond cute in her dress!
    R is the best 4 year old gangster EVER!
    I don't think K could be any more retro glam if she tried! Adorable!!

  2. MAN! I've been looking for that flooring!! You rock lady!

  3. love the skulls lol very cool kiddos



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