Friday, March 26, 2010

365 day 130 let the project begin!!!! | Calgary children's photographer

It's time!!!!!!!
My newest project.

I want to make a book. For my kids about my kids. And you get to come along on the journey!
This is no ordinary book. Because, well you see...... there are alot of things I am not so good at as a mom!!!

One of them is record keeping. I suck. I freely admit that. Sorry kids..... I don't have your first words written down (ok maybe Ro I do... and Kade I think I put it on video somewhere for you), your first steps I think I may have somewhere, first teeth...... there are so many things. A lot of this info is floating around who knows where... but it's definitely not in a nice neat baby book like most moms I know!!!! And I do feel bad for this. I know I always want to know things about when I was little... I really want my kids to know!!!

So I have decided to do something I can do! I can take pictures. Phew now that THAT is out there I feel better lol.
My plan is to do an alphabet challenge.
I want to take each letter of the alphabet and attach something/one they LOVE right now to that letter. My rules are that is has to be something THEY love, it has to be more lifestyle shot (not studio set ups) and it has to have constructed shots and random snaps. Just for fun! I also want shots of them in their environments... in the living room, kitchen, their rooms... just to remember the chaos and confusion it is now.... and outdoors as well.

On one page I will have a huge pic of whatever that letter is, and on the other pics of them with it plus a little story to go with it. I plan on doing this every few years to show how what's important to them change!!

I really love this idea. Now... I will only be putting a few pics up here There are things I need to work out, like how to get the font I want to use to actually work on my computer, the layout of the book and selecting crops of pics etc.

But I am really excited. There will also be more technical things I try to master while doing this. I want to have different pping - but on each letter have it completely consistent. This is something I need a good challenge on so it should be perfect!!!!! Rohan is so excited to get a book with him in it it is really cute! But he did NOT want to be in on the shots today..... Kade was a more willing participant. If only she would smile lol.

So here we are. at the beginning.
the beginning of the book which will be called

the ABC'S according to Ro and Kade in 2010

so here we are... A is My kids are pretty cool when it comes to fruit and veggies. When given the choice they almost always choose fruits or veggies. Love it!! (but I did say almost lol. they would not refuse the good stuff)


  1. This is such a great idea! I wish I had thought to do something like this!

  2. I love the idea (and the perfect placements of the pepsi's in the background on the first shot!!! Very nice!!), can't wait to see the finished book!



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