Sunday, March 21, 2010

365 day 125 parkin it! | Calgary children's photographer

Ahhhhhhh the wonderful amazing warmer temperatures can keep coming :) I desperately wanted to take the kids to the park. Kade was ALL over it. Ro needed convincing. At 4 he is completely addicted to Mario Party and kept telling me... after this one last game MOM. Which was weird because he is my definition of a outdoorsy/parkish kid if there is one!

We finally got there though and of course had a blast! Kade is not the typical park kid. She loves it if the park is empty... but it was packed. As soon as someone would look at her she would immediately hide between my legs. As fun as that sounds (here is where I roll my eyes lol) I decided after about half an hr to move them to a quieter spot. I took some pics, played tag and duck duck goose. We slowly made our way back closer to the playground, stopping at the water park (sans water). Once back she did play.... just a little more reserved than when it was just us. I wonder if she is EVER going to get over this? It is so different than what we went through with Ro.

I really wanted some more practice with my 85. I thought it was the perfect time as it was cloudy.... but I guess it wasn't cloudy enough lol. there was squinting going on no matter which direction I faced them! Oh well :)
I LOVE this picture. They are soooo good for each other sometimes!

yes she IS trying to take rocks home from the playground!

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