Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CAUGHT!!!!! | Calgary photographer

I totally forgot to add this pic in the last post.... so I wanted to make sure it got in!
Rohan is 4 and completely addicted to Mario Party. He is REALLY REALLY competitive lately.... so watching him play this game can be stressful. He always wants to win.
As I am not and have never really been a gamer I have a hard time winning it for him, or teaching him lol.

But he is persistant and keeps at it. Lately into the night. We have now taken it away after a certain time as he was starting to be up way to late and was (GASP) starting to sleep in! He has NEVER slept in before... so it is kind of interesting :)

I wanted to do really cool lighting for this... and I think I got it!! It looks just like it did when I opened the door a crack to see what he was up to!!!


  1. Absolutely perfect with the lighting!!! You captured the exact mood of the photo, I am sure! Job well done Kathy!

  2. haha! That is hysterical and an awesome picture! Great memory for you and him to look back on! Good job Kathy!



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