Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Today was another travelling day for our crew. Out to grandma's!!!!
My kids spend a fair amount of time with me in the car. I love checkin out places for photos, love road trips, and with grandma out of town they get even more car fun! They are getting more and more used to it... and even Rohan (the newborn who wouldn't sleep in the car EVER) is finding it useful to grab a quick nap!

That means my car gets DIRTY. Filthy in fact. Especially since our car vac in the garage isn't working, there is NO WAY I am taking my beloved Dyson out to vacuum my car, and the carwash is either packed or too icy for me to walk around the vac.
But wow..... I had had enough! I borrowed grandma's vac and set to work. And was left wondering.... do my kids even eat any of the snacks/meals (heehee) I feed them in the car???? That was DISGUSTING!!!.
It's all good now... but the next nice day our steam cleaner is getting some good car action in.

Being a mom is soooooo glamorous!!!!

Grandma had some fun jewelry she let the kids try on at her house. We thought Kade would be into it... after all, all she talks about is getting new earring since she has had them pierced... but she was not so much. She liked putting them on grandma though!
Rohan of course was ALL OVER IT. That kid is going to be the death of me. So he had to get the same NUMBER of jewely pieces on as his sister. One day Rohan you are just going to die laughing reading these!

Anyways... here are some of the jewelry.... and the signs of kids having a great day out! They even had lunch at Boston Pizza and were so well behaved!! I can not believe the changes in them the last few weeks... it is remarkable and we are really happy :) Except Rohan being Rohan thought he needed salt on his pizza and we totally caught it too late... he only had one piece NOT covered.... and really had trouble choking any of the rest down!!!

Also.... his vocabulary is really out of this world. He throws out these words so casually...... I am always shocked to hear it! Tonight he was racing Kade getting ready for bed and said to daddy...... Obviously I am going to win. hardy har har kid cracks me up!

oh ya.... can you tell she loves it!

Typical Ro.... so incredibly frustrated that he can't do it himself... the anger that follows his attempts is crazy!

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  1. Awe, I WUV sleeping kid pictures!! Too cute!



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