Sunday, March 28, 2010

our dog is missing!!!!

location: Shawnessy area
name: Oscar
size: medium
color: white with tan. tan on ears and back
tail: short stubby white
He is not wearing his tag but is licensed. If calling 311 his number is L09-306154

He is the biggest scaredy cat we can't believe he took off!
He must have gotten out when we had someone in to fix our couches. Dion caught him leaving the door open when he went outside 2X but we never saw Oscar leave. I had people in and out all day and usually all the commotion freaks Oscar out so I assumed he had gone under our bed fearing for his life when really he must have gotten out. We searched all last night, and have called the SPCA, the city and vets in our area.

Please if you have any info call 403-873-1036 :) My kids are out looking for him right now.

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