Friday, March 26, 2010

365 day 131 B is for...... | Calgary children's photographer

B is for.......

Blankies (bankies as Kade says) babies and bed!!!!
My kids are blankie die hards. Rohan must have his blue blankie spread out on his bed and over his pillow to sleep on. All the time. Kade must have her pink 'bankie' (which she called blue until just a couple weeks ago. I think cause Rohan always said blue blankie together she didn't even get blue was a color.) on her pillow All the time. She also needs the blanket with the circles on it on top of her. You know... the one I bought for photoshoots that I will never try using again lol ;)
She has a whole routine to follow to be put in bed.... the pink blankie on the pillow, the circles blanket on top of her, white soft one on top of that, and two pink ones on either side to cuddle.
Then it's on to her babies..... she needs at least 3 of them with her. And a bottle of milk/juice for them. And the suckie has to be in the purple one's mouth.

And on to the bed.... both love our bed. We had to move up to a king so we could all fit! They love jumping on it... can you tell? I swore they would never sleep in our bed. Then we had Kade. And that changed fast. At least we have some room!!!

So here it is... bed, blankies and babies!

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  1. Aw! so sweet! My kids were like that too for awhile! They did grow out of it, kinda...



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