Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365 day 133 | Calgary photographer

Ok so...... EPIC fail today lol!!!!!
I had quite the busy day today. Sometimes kids just aren't cooperative... not sure if anyone else has ever noticed this!!!!!!

Last night as I was calling it a night, I was made aware that my 4 yr old was still awake at 11pm. Well, I thought there goes our trip to the mall with grandma tomorrow. When he stays up like this he has actually been sleeping in. Not sure what is causing the staying up.... he was playing with the window in his room when I went up there. All I could think of was 'GREAT. Can't take that away from him'. LOL.

So it was a total shock when he sauntered downstairs bright and early today. And I had one of those 'great.it's going to be a FABULOUS day.' moments. (insert sarcasm when reading that) And fabulous it was. Kade and Ro were so grouchy I made the mistake of thinking we should still go to the mall to get them out of the house.

That was just awesome. (more sarcasm here). To top off my two 'lovely' children, my stroller wheel was squeaking. (D could you get to that pretty please?????) So we left the mall after hitting ONE lonely store and Orange Julius lol. Thinking we would go to see grandma's new house in Okotoks (she bought a showhome that is open so we thought we would show the kids).

So we start driving. This is what unfolded in the car,
Kade started taking off her shoes.
me: Kade why are you taking off your shoes?
Kade: I want my new ones on.
me: I didn't buy them. You wouldn't try them on so I told you I would not get them.
Then she breaks out crying and screaming the WHOLE RIDE. Over these shoes. great.

We arrive at the house..... to find out it doesn't open until 2!!!!
So I took them to Playtopia to make up for it. Which was really fun! Totally discovered Kade NEEDS to get into gymnastics... she was on these rings they have set up and was really cool to watch! Of course NOW she is hanging off everything including our kitchen table!!! She was walking the benches as if they were balance beams, and tumbling in the bounce house. Considering she has never even seen gymnastics I was pretty impressed. of course I am her mother.... so that wouldn't take much ;)

Anyways..... head home. I am so tired. SO TIRED. We all are... so we pop in a movie. Then I remember the pics. And I tried. Oh did I try.

So here I sit trying to finish the newborn session, and the pics from today. And my computer is SO SLOW. I need to get it in to Best Buy so I can have them see if they can recover any pictures from when I lost my hard drive. So I have been hooking up an external HD that does not require being plugged in every time I use my lap top. Which makes it so slow - you just can NOT imagine. There is just no way I will get done everything I need to tonight!

Wah wah wah.... I know :) But that is my day.

Here is Kade... playing with her dolls today. I swear every day she gets cuter and sweeter with those dolls. She had to have the high chair beside her while she ate tonight and HELD HER BABY all through supper. She talks to them, laughs, gives them baths and feeds them. It may be the cutest thing EVER. But again.... I am her mom so...... how do you like her look? She put her new clothes on (could NOT wait) together with the tights that matched the outfit she was wearing, and man does her hair look good or WHAT?????? And you can tell I need someone to come in and do my laundry!!! HAHAHAHAHA :)

The box is her baby's bathtub.

And she is having a crazy convo with her doll!! It was all about how much the doll's feet stunk!!!

And most moms would prob quickly ditch this pic.... however NOT ME!!!!! I love this.... one of her sig looks!

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