Friday, March 19, 2010

365 day 124 who does twitter anyways? | Calgary photographer

I did it!!! I swore I wouldn't. Didn't *get* it. Still don't!!!! But I joined.
I am now a tweep. LOL I just love how that sounds!

this is me

So follow along. Or not. I am having a ton of fun finding people I want to follow! It's CRAZY! I don't even have a cell phone (GASP) but hey I have an ipod touch and guess what..... THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT ;)
It is actually a ton of fun. Hopefully I will have my page looking fantastic... I am bouncing ideas around right now.

Here is my boy and his gram. I know... I've said it before.... but I mean it. There is something so special that goes on between granparents and their grandchildren. My kids love every one of their grandparents and I love to be able to catch some of the moments they have with each of them :) I am soooo glad they have so many of them around! They may not all be close.... but they are all loved.


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