Monday, March 22, 2010

365 day 127 a drive in the country | Calgary photographer

Today Kade asked to go for a drive while Ro was in school. We don't do that as often as we used to... preschool really cuts into our long drive time!!
So out we went. And WOW..... so glad we did! We found some pretty fun fog, an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, a bison/antelope (or something like that I forget.. maybe cariboo... something) some gorgeous fields... bring on summer ;)

Kade is such a good little car person... I love driving with her. So I slacked on my new special project today... and took some pics of the fog!!!

Seriously... no clue what kind of tree this is! Super cool though... these things were all over it.

It was soooo foggy! And this road was very hilly... It was like you were driving into a cloud! Too bad there were no shoulders at the top of the hills I totally would have taken pics up at the tops!


  1. ohhh i like the last location!!

  2. Love the silos!!! Lucky you to have all that great scenery! We just have grey, grey and more grey! Blah



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