Friday, March 12, 2010

365 day 118 | Calgary children's photographer

OK. Well. I got calibrated. Finally time to really get this color stuff figured out! And now I am in SHOCK. And I am positive anyone reading this that has gotten calibrated gets it. Wow. This is a WHOLE NEW WORLD.
And it is SHOCKING.

So after getting calibrated I decided that wasn't enough. I am a perfectionist. I am learning as much as I can. And while my pictures are not perfect I do them to as close to perfection as I know how :) Which is painstakingly slow for me sometimes.
Part of it is due to not being calibrated. I have samplers all over the place editing by numbers. Now I can trust my eyes more! Another part is WB. Somewhere my WB card that I bought is out there...... I lost it lol.
Another part is the profile that camera raw is opening my pictures in.

So I got a color checker. I set up my camera profile in camera raw and I vow to WB every session!!!! This will save me soooo much time it is not even funny!

So while I am in shock and have to get used to how things look.... I can not believe the photo I put through in about 2 minutes lol. I took a WB, opened it in camera raw, applied my camera profile to it, opened in PS, gave a tiny curve bump, resized and sharpened for web and VOILA.... LOVE!!! (altough to my eyes that are unused to seeing ANY YELLOW ever in a pic this looks like a banana disguised as my nephew!!!!)

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  1. i need to do this to my monitor too...ever since you said it the other night its all I can think about! This looks great though!



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