Thursday, March 18, 2010

365 day 123 recliners/toddlers/coffee tables = not a good combo

Rohan was in time out. Which is the step in our house. No big deal. EXCEPT it was later than normal (past their bedtime) and I had taken away his palm pilot due to his sassy lil mouth!
He still had the stylus (is that what it is called? then pen thingy?) and I guess he dropped it over the stairs onto our couch,
Oh the craziness that ensued following the drop. I think the world may have stopped spinning for a few minutes. Seriously... it was mayhem.
Dion started the search and got frustrated so I picked up. Flipped out the recliner and was looking under it. Of course Kade FREAKED OUT (she was sitting on the couch and did NOT want the recliner out) so she decided to launch herself onto the recliner. Which slammed down on my head, and sent her flying head first slamming into the corner of the coffee table. So D was freaking he had seen her slam into the table, I was freaking cause this stupid metal post that Ashley's does not cover nor did they take our complaint seriously when we got them over it rammed into my head, and Ro was freaking because noone could find his pen thingy and he thought we were all screaming at him lol. Seriously... our neighbours MUST think we are crazy!

It looked pretty nasty, but by the time we got her ready for bed and actually IN bed, it just looked like a goosegg. Although we will be checking on her all night I am sure.

She said tonight as she laid down "Mommy my head feels like it's falling off". OUCH. Poor little thing.


  1. Awe - poor Kade!!! Cute little trooper!

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