Tuesday, March 2, 2010

365 day 108. boring you with frost and fog!!! | Calgary photographer

WOW. We have had so much frost and fog lately it's unreal!!! I don't know if this is normal for this time of year, or if I am just noticing it more because I want a macro lens sooooooo bad I get totally frustrated looking outside!!!!!
I just love pictures of heavy frost. They are soooo pretty!!!

Today we packed up once the fog lifted a little and went to Strathmore to visit grandma. It was pretty foggy in patches on the way there, but nothing major. Once we got there, I quickly ditched the kids and went out to take some pictures. So be warned... I may bore you for a while!!! It's not often I get to take pics without worrying about someone crying, someone hitting someone else, some having to pee.... the list is endless.
It was fun to go out for just a bit... and I got some pretty cool shots.

On the way home the fog was pretty intense most of the way home. After almost getting sideswiped I was going to turn back and just tell grandma she was having an overnight I decided to continue on. I did snap one pic on the side of the road. The for here was not so bad.... I was actually afraid to pull over anywhere in many spots... afraid of accidents. It was really foggy out!!!

Enjoy.... I think these pics are just gorgeous!


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  2. Wow, wow wow! I love them! :) I'm jealous, the frost here disappears before I get up!

  3. very pretty...funny how fog can be so gorgeous...



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