Thursday, March 11, 2010

365 day 117 HOW has this happened??? | Calgary children's photographer

Where does the time go??? I remember taking him to the park and just letting him sit in the rocks..... then trying to climb up the stairs... then trying to climb up the big kids stairs... NOW he sliding down the pole and doing monkey bars!!!!!
I can NOT believe how quickly they grow. It is true what they say... don't blink.
He told me today he wanted a tv in his room because one of his friends does.... ya so not happening! He wants to go to Disneyworld because someone in his class brought a show and tell item from there. Ya... so do I kid! He is soooo demanding.... and not taking no well. But it will sink in.

He was so proud of his accomplishment today though... almost made up for his daily list of demands lol.
Who knew 4 could be so tiring... he never ever gives up. He has a reason for everything. And he is smart enough to come up with some pretty good arguments!!!

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