Tuesday, March 16, 2010

365 day 121... bad bad friend | Calgary photographer

I have a few habits that really.... are NOT my fault. They were kind of handed down to me. In a ll fairness there are more than a few people in my family that share the same problems.
One is losing keys. Oh yes, the tradition of hunting for keys minutes before leaving hit me hard.
The other is lateness. Seriously. I know it's a pain. And I am always breaking out in cold sweats hoping my friends won't disown me for my lateness.

Today was NO exception. I went to the park with a friend. Knowing I had another friend stopping by at 12:30. We hit the park and had a blast (even though my friend's daughter S had quite a few spills and a bleeding nose to boot). However..... as we haven't hit too many parks I forgot what happens when you go to leave.

Kade definitely reminded me. Hello tantrum city. Wow. She went to the car fine, got it, then would NOT get in her seat. Don't know if you know how hard it is to get a screaming, kicking, hitting child into a carseat and buckled without getting a fat lip - let me tell you ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.

Knowing I HAD to get home I bribed her. Not my most awesome moment, but I needed to. And by this point, her nose which was off/on bleeding before was completely bleeding and I needed to get home. So I told her I would get them slurpees. heyt it was super nice out... don't judge ;)

That got her. Off we went. Drove home. To find Dion saying... oh you just missed G. OMG. BAD BAD friend. Fortunately she needed to get something at Walmart and would be right back. Unfortunately her son had a potty training mishap and she couldn't come back.

Just so you know...... I am so sorry!!!!!! Blame my genes!!! Honest!!!! Dion was all 'don't worry. I told her you are ALWAYS late.' Thanks hon.... always know you got my back hahahahahaha. I know... the truth hurts.

Oh how I love her.

Those that know Miss S know this is a feat. She is LOOKING at me. Too bad it's too show me one of her booboos she got today. She  really was a trooper... she took some pretty good tumbles today!

I had my lights set up for some fun practicing... Really G I wanted to do this!!! This is Kade's version of cooperating while I check my lights. My word.

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  1. LOL no worries, it was just one of those days...no sleep last night and tiny bladder were the least of the road bumps we hit today! We"ll make it happen one of these days! I LOVE the first picture!



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