Monday, March 15, 2010

365 day 120 hello new lens.....are we going to get along? | Calgary photographer

So for my birthday I got a new lens!!!! It was such a hard decision.... I wanted 3 lenses and was having a really hard time deciding which one.
I ended up getting the 85mm 1.8. And we are not getting along yet..... remember how much I blogged learning Frank? I think there will be many posts about Elaina. I am having a hard time getting the focus nailed and clarity is not all there yet. But hey.... Frank is amazing and we have spent a ton of time together. So I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt ;)

Today was gorgeous out. Of course my kids are ALL SCREWED UP. Trip to Medicine Hat, staying up late, sleeping in the car, not sleeping in the car, staying up all night before school, sleeping in (there is a FIRST for everything!!!!), they are all over the map. Throw time change into that and VOILA... you have a gong show.

Not the best time to try your camera out. I got a ton of kids crying, running away... all the good stuff ;)

I did manage to bribe my boy into taking one good shot. The focus is ok -  we're getting there!!!

It is so funny to watch kids drink from cups...they really give it their all lol. I just love it :)

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