Friday, May 28, 2010

the sweetest session EVER. Literally. | Calgary baby, children's photographer

Hands down. A super sweet session. This was a 4 month baby session and a 3 yr session all rolled into one and topped off with a delicious cupcake! Well... I take it from how much little Miss G loved it it was delicious :)

C had wanted some pretty fun pics of her kids and came well prepared with props, stuffies and fav books! Which made my day as much as hers :) It is super fun to work with C.... I am so glad she had me take some more pics for her :)

And here she has been waiting FOREVER to see them.... and now she will have them tomorrow! IF the weather could cooperate with us. Just for a bit!

So here are a few sneaks.... I just love the cupcake shots!

Seriously... SO CUTE!!!!!

I forget what her mom was telling her here... I think we were trying to get her to smile before she really got into it. Yep - she was not impressed with our interruptions!

Not my typical shot..... but this was the 2nd time ever he rolled over! And mom didn't have a camera ready in time the first time... and didn't have one at my house either!


  1. OH MY GOSH! These are so cute! G looks JUST like C!!



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