Wednesday, May 26, 2010

365 day 179 a family affair | Calgary family photographer

And what a family!!! This one a big shoot for me! It is rare that I shoot larger families so I had the familiar knot in my stomache driving to the gorgeous location I had just found today! Seriously... the bigger the group the more I stress.

This family was totally awesome! It was a friends extended family... and they were really fun to be out with! We got some great shots and the day turned out perfectly.

Thanks for the times.... here is just a teeny sneak... Kade is up with a cold and I have also been hit with it. Could def use some neo citrin here. STAT. Tomorrow is going to be a write off I can already tell.

She is sooo pretty... she has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen!!!!

Another gorgeous girl..... this family is full of beauties! We caught the light just right here.... swoon :)



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