Thursday, May 6, 2010

365 day 162.. put on your shades | Calgary children's photographer

I had this *bright* idea today. I have seen people use yellow seamless and I love it. Not having time to go downtown and get some I was giving up on it. Then today I saw they had fabric at IKEA. Who knew? They have a ton of kid friendly bright colors.... all things I am totally down with.
So I bought a couple for an upcoming session thinking they would be nice and bright and fun.

Well...... I sure got the BRIGHT part down! WOW that yellow is bright!
It is pretty cheery and fun to look at - can't wait to see what it looks like printed :) My model was ummm shall we say not into it. She had fallen asleep in the car, and no matter how hard I tried she just kept falling back to sleep. so I let her for a bit and then really woke her up. Which sent her into fits of tears of course. AND then I was telling her I needed to take her pic.... you can imagine how into that she was!
I finally got a few of her smiling.... in between all the tears.

 This is my very fav pic.... seriously I thought the fun yellow in combo of her reading her lil miss sunshine book would be AWESOME. She thought otherwise.
More tears....
Then the pout.....

Can you guess what she is saying? She is saying 'MOMMY I AM SMILING!!!!' ROFL too funny!


Oh the drama......

But then I got this! Wahoooooo! Session over. Kadence:147 crying pics   Mommy: 1 smiling pic
The winner: Mommy.


  1. Awesome! Yeah, that yellow is totally bright but so fun! Can't wait to see a real session!

  2. Love the fabric! What else did you get?

  3. a green and white striped one.... super fun!



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