Saturday, May 1, 2010

365 day 158 SOCCER MONSTERS | Calgary children's photographer

Wahoooooo it's soccer time!!!! Ro has definately traded in falling asleep with makeup on, Kade's clothes and love of the color pink for wanting to sleep in shin pads and HUGE socks and counting the days down till his next soccer day. Let me tell you.... watching a bunch of kids 'play' soccer is one of the FUNNIEST things ever. From running the wrong way, tripping your players, scoring on the wrong net, watching the ball go past them but not move an inch... and to see the HUGE smiles, the proud faces and the crazy amount of fun that can be had. It was a total blast. As my sister said... you could just DIE from the cuteness!!!!

We had a really great day... first up soccer. Thank goodness for sisters. I didn't get a chance to get Ro's shin pads and she bought a pair for me! Ro is the type of kids that would notice if he was the only one not wearing them and be sure to freak - so she really saved us.

Next up.... Kade's complete and utter meltdown. Which resulted in a very long drawn out struggle to get her in the car with a bunch of kids staring at us... thanks for the times Kade. I KNEW she had to go to the bathroom (usually the cause of her meltdowns...) so I was not schocked when about 5 seconds after I finally got her belted in she peed. Which ended my plans of running to DQ for ice cream.
Or so I thought....... the kids really wanted to spend time with Grandma AND ice cream. So I grabbed the double stroller and the dogs and walked the kids down to DQ to meet up with grandma (she went and ran some errands while we walked).  Where the kids had absolutely NO fun ;)

I am sure you all can imagine what her face looks like. Wow she is a force to be reckoned with.

So he is TOTALLY cracking up... he can not believe what Kade is doing RIGHT now.

She's such a little lady. Not really.

Man I love this boy. Trust me... to get this pic was hard - but worth it :)
and then... I pushed them both all the way back up the hill to our house... BOTH of them. Plus had the dogs. Ooooooh my legs are feelin the burn!!!
And the last stop of the day.... to my sisters. Where a little fun was had by all.

The boys having a serious bug talk....

And also where my momma bear instincts came a roaring. I am not a person to be messed with when I see a parent letting their VERY SMALL child ride a dirt bike wearing only an itty bitty bicycle helmet up and down a back lane that has blind turns in it. Just sayin. There are proper places and equipment!!! Anyways... I made a hasty retreat back to my house thouroughly shaken and hoping my my sister wasn't upset at my very immediate response to what I was saying. I have no filter when momma bear in me comes out!!!!!

Phew. HUGE day. So ready for bed. So proud of my boy :) And my nephew scored a goal!!!! Good times :)


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