Saturday, May 8, 2010

365 day 163 two year olds can NOT make jello | Calgary children's photographer

Apparently they don't really celan either ;)

Well. Some of you may remember Rohan sleeping in Kade's clothes and latex gloves. don't forget the pettiskirts either. Or my kids spilling sugar all over our room Or seriously one of my CRAZIEST days ever.

I have had many trying days. MANY. Rohan put both of us through the wringer. Dion thought he might not make it to 4 lol. And now I can honestly say I LOVE 4. He is so different. The craziness has mostly stopped. I have stopped crying every single day ;) Really enjoying 4.

Now guess what? Kade is almost 3. Her 2 compared to Rohan? She's got nothing on him. Seriously. I have said.... God would never give me another Rohan. He knew I just couldn't handle another lol.Now she is almost 3 (I thought 2 would have to be ther worst with Ro. Who knew 3 would almost kill me.). So she is starting to pull some inpressive stuff.

A few months ago my showers were like 10 seconds. Because seriously... anything could happen. They can get into more than one would think in that time. And have. Ran outside in pj's in the snow, decorated themselves with makeup, unrolled toilet paper rolls up and down the stairs, overflowing sinks, seriously... they've done it all. At the time I thought OMG, I can NOT take anymore. Someone save me. And there were tears. Lots of them. It was really really hard.

Now... what a difference. Rarely do I deal with the craziness. And just recently I have learned to look at it differently. Why? Because it's over so fast. It really honestly felt like a lifetime during it, but now it seems like a snap.

So today.... when I was face with this when I came down.... I decided to LAUGH. and LAUGH hard. Why? Because it IS funny.  Kade decided to make jello. This is what I get for blow drying my hair for once (mommy and me day at Ro's school). While I was blowdring my hair Kade
opened the pantry
opened a rubbermaid container
took out a jellobox
opened it
cut open the inner package WITH SCISSORS
dumped the jello all over the floor, herself, the counter, the sink, and a bowl
fill the bowl with water and mix


So when she heard me coming she decided to *clean* up the evidence. Seriously... AS IF Kadence!!!!

Kids can make a person crazy. Now I let them make me laugh. And it felt so much better than getting mad. Because getting into trouble is one of the things my kids do best. But what we ALL can do THE ABSOLUTE best is to LAUGH.

The jello.

Using my white cloths to clean it up.....

Believe me... she went straight to the bath. And had a nice pink jello bath!

The floor. Hard to clean up as some of it was wet.


  1. Hahaha! Good for you for laughing! I love the picture of her feet!!!

  2. If you don't laugh you'd cry so good on ya!!



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