Monday, May 10, 2010

365 day 166 my sister ROCKS| Calgary children's photographer

Today my sister had another of many many dr's appts. You know the ones..... when you are pregnant you have to go to appt on appt. She has her two kids that often have to tag along plus she has a little boy that she looks after during the day. After having to bring Ro to many of my appts I can NOT imagine taking 3 kids ALL the time to these things!
So my kids and I went over to her house after preschool while she stepped out to her appt.

And she came back with FLOWERS!!! They are gorgeous. Seriously..... sisters ROCK.

We had some fun out in the backyard.... it was nice enough to finally get out there again. My kids had a fairly rough night last night and were extremely tired to begin with. After being outside they sort of just fell apart before my eyes. I had supper ready at quarter to five and we were putting them to bed at 6. Crazy tired!!!!

Thanks Jenny!!!!

So weird to have kids WANT to get their pics taken!!! He was having so much fun driving up to get his taken!!!!

These two can fight like brother and sister. I am just waiting for him to take Kade down a peg or two. He is the one kid that prob can!!

Ahhhhhh beautiful sunshine!

One of the flowers in the bouquet. Simply gorgeous!

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  1. Awww, looking forward to some sun out here! I love the one of Jax!!



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