Thursday, May 27, 2010

365 day 180 let it snow.... | Calgary photographer

First off... this is not a post of shock. Or complaint. I have lived here for 9 years. If in 9 years of living you can not grasp the crazy weather we go through here sometimes... you should move ;)
It always amazes me the shock and outrage and yes suprise when snow makes an appearance here later in *spring*. It also makes me laugh. Because well.... it is not worth it to get upset over the weather. Not to me! Not to mention the fact that I really love snow. I don't love like -30 plus a windchill and shovelling 3 feet... I am NOT insane... but a gorgeous pretty snowfall when it is pretty warm outside and you know it is just going to melt right away - BRING IT ON. Not to mention it makes great photos... and my kids go nuts for the stuff.

Anyways... to get back on to the topic ;) It snowed here. And it's pretty. I wanted to take some pics and turn them a little more artsy..... LOVE THEM.

She thought sandals were a good idea. I told her they weren't. She didn't listen. I wasn't going to argue. She lasted about 45 seconds.

This kid loves snow.

Did I mention he loves it? The things kids do......

My grandma used to have tons of tulips. You would think growing up seeing them I would know this - they open during the day when it is warm and close at night. Or when it is too cold. I want my flower beds to have tons of tulips. They are gorgeous. Maybe this one will cause more to shoot up next summer!

Well the grass will love this snow!


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