Thursday, May 20, 2010

365 day 175 what babies really think of me | Calgary baby photographer

I know my kids think I am the coolest mom on the planet. Always wanting to be with me... hanging off every word.. you know cause kids think their moms are the coolest. (totally cracking up here!) I always wonder what OTHER people's kids think of me. Especially babies. I'm always in their face, saying their name, singing (poor little babies), making weird noises and clicking the shutter.

Today... I got some awesome examples of what they truly do think of me ;) And just how much they look forward to hanging with me!

Who this little angel???? For real... those were the ONLY two pics I got of him not smiling! Such a happy little guy and he just eats the camera up!!!


  1. I love that first one - too cute! lol

  2. Love the first one! And those baby legs, are those yours or did they bring them?



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