Sunday, May 16, 2010

365 day 171 kananaskis love | Calgary children's photographer

Once again a trip out to one of the most beautiful places in Alberta. It has been amazing to be able to get out in some pretty perfect weather the last week.

We went out and had a family picnic (minus daddy. it will sure be nice to have him around again. whenever that may be!!! he is working all the time!) to Kananaskis. There was the best company, fun food, bubbles, the lake.... even got to see some scuba divers! Perfect day. Then we hit Bragg Creek for some ice cream (Rohan will never let us pass there again since he learned they have the BEST ice cream!) and made our way home.

And now I am soaking in aloe vera as is Ro.... we are BURNT!!!!

Another great day. I love summerish weather! But I am totally up for a veg day tomorrow. Is it wrong to veg out if the weather is nice out?????

I'm not sure if you noticed this through all my pics..... these kids have a thing for throwing rocks into water. Could last all day if we wanted it to!

HAHA.... totally looks like that rock she threw is going to hit him. It didn't.

Bubble fun :)

Guess what she just tasted!!!!

Gram sending the bubbles out.....

Rohan chasing after them. Best way to play with bubbles!



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