Sunday, May 2, 2010

365 day 159 I could complain... | Calgary photographer

I could... I could tell you all about how my kids went CRAZY at grandma's tonight. I could go on and on over Kade hucking her corn to the floor when she was done, getting lotion over grandma's walls, trying to steak Ro's food. I could go on about Ro having to go to time out during dinner. I could say I was so mad at them I just said it's time to go and tell you the craziness of our hasty exit - leaving my MIL's perfectly spotless house a disaster.

And then I could REALLY whine about how long it took to get them in the car because they were outside running around and wouldn't get in the car.

However.... today I am going to say I am so glad my kids were misbehaving. I am glad it took those extra minutes to get in the car. Because all their craziness... all their misbehaving.... all the anger I was feeling was gone in an insant.

When I hit downtown Okotoks we got passed by a couple fire trucks. OK.... kids were excited to see fire trucks no big deal. As we got closer and closer to the edge of town more kept coming. Ambulances and police. I actually pulled right over to the shoulder as did a lot of other cars to let them all through. As we got to the top of the hill... I saw why.
Thank goodness my kids took so long. As selfish as that sounds. I can not even begin to imagine how the accident happened. I mean the roads are clear, the weather is great - but clearly something went wrong.
I just am glad we weren't involved, didn't see it happen... and that there were responders there. I do not handle any injury well... and this well... this was bad.
We actually had to park for a bit while people got out and started to help. It took a while to realize this big huddle of people were working on someone laying on the side of the road. The car that was up against the fence of the farmer's field... CRUSHED. Like a tin can. I left there crying.

So instead of complaining, instead of whining.... I am going to say that I am happy that my kids are safely tucked in to their beds. EVEN though Kade spilled milk all over our microfibre couches that do not BEAD when liquid hits them like the salesguy told us! (It soaks right in.... nice!) I am so thankful that we were not involved, that we did not see it happen. Thankful that the right people got there when they did.
And I hope that everyone involved comes out of it ok.

It is one thing to see accidents on the news, movies, or even in passing on the highway. This one we had to park right there. Up close. When the first people there to help had gotten there. It was very personal... very intense. I hope everyone involved is ok.

On a positive note - Dion did his first curbing job today!!! Can NOT wait to take pictures of it tomorrow!

The mad scientist at work..... he was mixing the colors trying to see what other colors he could make.

He was totally in to it - this was before all the mayhem lol.


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