Saturday, May 15, 2010

365 day 170 the washer ate his uniform | Calgary children's photographer

Seriously it did. I am sooooooo *that* mom. I was already pretty sure I would be that mom. Thought it was in my genes. But having it confirmed always bugs me to no end.

Case in point. Ro has soccer once a week. ONCE. You would think in a week I would have his uniform washed, folded and ready to go on saturdays. But no.... not me! I did a schwak of laundry yest. Insane really how much laundry needs to get done in one household. Then we went out last night and I forgot to put his uniform together for today. We got up, lazed around then started to get ready to head out.

I could not find his shirt or his socks. I ripped through ALL the dessers, taking out all the clothes I had so neatly folded the day before sure it was stuck in something. Ripped through the dryer (there was a leftover load in there) and repeated. It was getting closer and closer to 10 and I was so close to losing it.... then I found a sock. Which gave me hope the rest was SOMEWHERE. Then I found his shirt. In my desperate searches I thought his color was orange. Well it's not. It's gray. Joke's on me ;)

We left a couple min to 10 minus one soccer sock. I swear. The washer got hungry. I am POSITIVE it ate his sock. So I put one of Dion's old dress socks over his shin guard hahahaha. Poor kid. I was asking him if he had seen it.... he said MOM I haven't. It's your responsibility you know!!! My word. Made me feel terrible.

Oh and in the desperate search my sister had called....... and told me we were at a different field. GOOD thing she called! We got there late.

Yep..... I am *that* mom. My poor children.

So I let them play at the park forever after soccer. Forever. Well it felt like it. Super hot and sunny. LOVE it! My kids were beat after that. But when daddy suggested playing in the *sandbox* aka the last load of sand he picked up for samples that he wasn't happy with.... they were totally up for it! They should sleep well tonight. Knock on wood.

and FYI.... go karting at Shakers is pretty fun! But it has reminded me how old I am. Ouch.

It was another gorgeous day out. HEAVEN :) One thing I am trying to get a handle on is outside in harsh sun. It really is a photographer's nightmare. One I am easing in to. Trying to get the hang of what is best for me to do. And apparently my new method of sharpening is totally making my action for saving to the web OVERSHARPEN. Sorry for the crispness. And for 2 different processing styles. I was having some fun taking a mini break from some other photos. Almost done C!

I try not to post things like Ro's preschool or soccer with any other children in it... don't want to get myself in any trouble. BUT I couldn't help this! I am such a proud mama! He scored 2 goals in his mini game today. I took like 50 pics... no lie he had this smile glued to his face the whole game.  When he is happy he is REALLY happy!

She actually said she got dirty. HA.

She's so small......


  1. RO looked like he was having such a good time! Its a good way to get rid of all that energy he has!

  2. He looked like he has SO much fun!!!

    It almost looks like the kids are playing in a garbage bin! ;)

    Kade isn't tiny - Dions new truck is HUGE!!!! Very nice though!



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