Tuesday, May 18, 2010

365 day 173 best water gun!! | Calgary children's photographer

So we spent the majority of the day out at Gram's. Kade and I went to meet up with friends at Playtopia (the best play place ever) and Ro went for a bike ride with Gram in the morning. Then we all hung at Gram's pretty much all day. The kids were so tired out I didn't even want to think about the drive home then getting them fed and in the bath and bedtime... so we walked over to Walmart and bought some pjs and bath soap (for Ro's crazy skin lol), then bathed the kids fed them and we hightailed it home.
And now it is 11 and Rohan is here beside me.... no Glee for me tonight :( He has an insane cough... no fun poor guy :(

Anyways... when Gram took Ro out they went and bought these super awesome backpack water guns. Well she got one and then a reg old pumper gun for Kade. Which I broke almost immediately. And Kade couldn't really use anyways. So it got returned and Kade got the backpack gun *just wike wowan* as Kade says. And yes - that IS her fav line!

These guns are too much fun. The kids had a blast. They are at Canadian Tire :) Go get some - the weather was made for these things! And now I am off for some little boy snuggles. Although he plans on watching Diego which he has now proclaimed as of this moment is his very favorite show. um hmmmm

Coolest water guns EVER.

Their grandma is a much better sport than me!!! Rohan SOAKED her! And look at Kade....

See! She is a happy lil girl!

The look on her face here kills me. hahahahaha

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  1. I LOVE Kade's face while shooting her Gram! Grama's are so great!!!
    Awesome pictures I am going to have to go buy some!



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