Thursday, September 30, 2010

365 day 288 my baby and her bruise

I got a super awesome delivery today for some newborn props.... and while Kade was busy playing with the props and her baby I was busy taking some pictures of her!

I have seen some photos where I love the lighting... but haven't yet been able to pull it off. I tried again yesterday and did not like my results much. Normally I shoot with flat lighting or just slightly turned - but seeing different lighting positions has me really wanting to try it out.

I ended up with some really red skin. Not sure what to do with that. This is why I try everything out on my kids before clients! Need to perfect it! So I will go back and read up some more - I really want to get it right because it is SO PRETTY. I edited these to look a bit more like my normal edits instead of what I was really going for. I just couldn't figure it out! Or.... the other option is that maybe I am not used to seeing how it looks on my own photos. I could have done ok - it could be all in my head ;)

Check out Kade's bruise... this is almost a week later. She fell on her window sill. Looks like a football player!

Heehee I love this face!

Isn't this just awesome? Everyone needs a pic of their kid doing this at least once. Fills us with so much pride ;)

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  1. Made me laugh! I'm curious what you're trying to do....



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